Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

International leadership and collaboration

eSafety is committed to sharing information and collaborating with governments and organisations around the globe, as they work to protect and safeguard their citizens online. 

eSafety is the world’s first government agency solely dedicated to tackling online abuse and keeping its citizens safer online. We take a holistic and multi-faceted approach to online safety through regulation, prevention, intervention and harm minimisation. This Australian model is both unique and world leading. 

Our international priority is to strengthen online safety across borders and sectors through:

  • targeted information-sharing with our global partners
  • collaboration and capacity building
  • driving up standards of online safety within the technology sector
  • creating long-term systemic change 
  • disrupting the drivers and mechanisms for online abuse.

On this page you will find online safety resources designed to support people around the world, as well as information about eSafety’s online safety projects and partnerships.

Capacity building

eSafety receives requests for information, advice and resources from around the world.

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International engagements

Advancing online safety is a global effort. Strategic partnerships and collaborations have the power to influence action, provide change, and shape the online world we all want. 

eSafety is involved in a number of global alliances and initiatives and regularly contributes to global debates, discussions and projects. Through these, we seek to create safer and more responsible digital environments.

Leadership and proactive change

eSafety is a global thought leader in online safety. Our proactive and preventative approach includes leading a ground-breaking Safety by Design initiative, assessing the tech trends and challenges that impact on every nation, and creating evidence-based education and best practice resources in online safety.


Advice for global citizens

eSafety has drawn on its extensive research and experience to develop online safety advice for global citizens. These resources are full of practical tips. 

The editable PDF documents can be adapted to include local hotline and helpline information. 


Some of eSafety's resources are available as translations.

COVID-19 Online safety advice for parents and carers (international):

You can also explore eSafety’s online advice and resources in a variety of different languages.

Please note some contain specifically Australian information about local support agencies.