No minimum age rating is provided by Chatruletka.
+ No minimum age rating is provided by Chatruletka.

What is Chatruletka?

Chatruletka is an anonymous online video chat platform. Also known as ‘chat roulette’, the platform pairs people randomly for a video chat, with only a country and gender specified by the user. No names, friend lists or conversation histories are stored, so finding people again is purely left to chance. Chatruletka has no age rating, signup process or age verification. The developers say the site is moderated but suggest using parental controls if young people are using their service. Chatruletka is free to join, however fees are charged to reinstate access after being banned, which users report happens frequently.

Apps: Android, Chatruletka is not currently available for Apple iOS in Australia.

How do people use Chatruletka?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use anonymous video chat platforms like Chatruletka.

Chatruletka is used for: messaging/online chat, video calling, content sharing, in-app purchasing, photo/video sharing and screen capture.

How can you report abuse or inappropriate content? 

Chatruletka does not offer specific advice on how to report abuse or inappropriate content on its platform, however there is a ‘report’ button within each chat. Alternatively, users can simply press ‘next’ to be taken to their next match.

How can I protect my personal information?

  • Privacy Policy
    Learn how Chatruletka handles your personal information.

Key safety links

  • Rules
    The rules that govern all conduct and content on Chatruletka.
  • FAQs
    Get answers to common questions regarding Chatruletka.


Last updated: 27/02/2024