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minimum age according to Clash of Clans
13+ minimum age according to Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game published by Supercell. You can build your own community, train troops and attack other players. You can join a clan of players or start your own clan and invite friends. You can interact with other players through in-game messaging and voice chat.   

Apps: Android app

How do people use Clash of Clans?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online games like Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans is used for: gaming, in-app purchasing, messaging/online chat, online relationships, screen capture and voice chat

Voice chat apps like Discord are also commonly used by online gamers.

How can you report online abuse or prevent offensive language? 

  • Report an abusive player 
    How to report a player who is being inappropriate or offensive.
  • Profanity Filter 
    Turn on the profanity filter to prevent the use of vulgar or offensive language while using in-game chat. 

How can you protect your personal information?

Clash of Clans does not provide specific advice about how to protect your personal information.

  • Beware of in-app scams 
    How to protect yourself against phishing attacks for your data and passwords while playing.
  • Privacy policy 
    Outlines how Clash of Clans uses your data and personal information. 

Key safety links

  • Safe and fair play 
    Outlines the expected behaviour from players. 
  • Player support 
    Provides a range of safety information and hot topics for players. 
  • Parent’s guide 
    Provides a range of safety information for parents and carers. 
  • Terms of service 
    Outlines the rules you agree to by using and playing Clash of Clans. 

Last updated: 27/02/2024