Someone is being mean to me online

Boy upset & crying because he is being bullied online.


What does cyberbullying look like?

  • hurtful messages, comments or images
  • messages, posts or comments that say someone will do something mean
  • leaving you out or ignoring you online 
  • spreading lies about you online
  • creating fake online profiles in someone’s name to trick you
  • sharing something online that can hurt you or make you feel bad, like a picture you don’t want anyone to see
  • threatening to share something online that will hurt you or make you feel bad
  • making you feel very sad, very scared or very upset



  • no one deserves to be hurt online
  • be kind to yourself — it’s not your fault
  • cyberbullying can make you feel very alone and scared, but there is help available

What to do

  1. Get help from a trusted adult or call Kids Helpline

  2. Get help from the police if you are in immediate serious danger.

  3. Try not to say anything back — it could make things worse. 

  4. Keep evidence — an adult can help you take screenshots or keep a journal in case you need evidence to report it. See our videos on how to take screenshots.

  5. Block or report them — most games and apps have a way to block or report someone. See The eSafety Guide for links.

  6. Report to eSafety — you can report cyberbullying to us. We can help to remove bullying content and get you help and support.