How to clear browser history on iPhone or iPad


When someone browses the internet, the browser history captures the places that were visited online. 
This makes things faster when we need to visit a website again.

However, if other people have access to a device, they can also see the browser history, and may even be able to access Login details stored in the browser history.

If a person is at risk of technology facilitated abuse, they should clear the browser history after each web session where logins were used, and sessions when they visited websites they don’t want a perpetrator to see. They should be careful not to alert a perpetrator by over-using this.

Apple devices allow users to clear their browser history. 

Here’s how to clear browser history if using Apple’s default browser, Safari.

Open Safari.

Tap Bookmarks at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the clock icon – the third icon across the top menu – this opens the Browser History, 
showing all pages that have been visited.

Swiping to the left on any entry will open the option to Delete that entry.

To delete multiple entries tap ‘Clear’ to delete.

The Last Hour

That day,

The day before

 or All Time.

Another option to keep browsing private is to use Private mode.

Watch the separate video on private browsing.