Queensland takes on cyberbullying

eSafety is pleased to support two new Queensland Government campaigns that are helping young people and the adults they trust to work together to combat cyberbullying and its impacts. 

The Swipe it away campaign empowers young people to 'take the power back' from the bullies, and encourages them to talk to a parent, carer, relative, teacher or coach to come up with a plan to combat cyberbullying together. 

The Stand by us campaign asks parents and carers to support their child when they are faced with cyberbullying, by listening, offering support and working together to address the issue instead of trying to fix it for them.

The voices of young people and parents, along with best practice advice from experts, helped shape both campaigns. The youth co-creation event, CONVO2019, brought a diverse group of young Queenslanders and parents together with representatives of Australia's eSafety Commissioner, support services, social media influencers and the world’s biggest social media platforms. The young Queenslanders workshopped solutions to cyberbullying and its impacts, and decided on the key messages of the campaigns.

eSafety will continue to support the campaigns by providing data and insights to help ensure the messages and resources reach young people who need support and the trusted adults in their lives.

The campaigns are featuring on a range of digital and social media channels until 30 January 2021. Visit the Stop Cyberbullying portal (www.qld.gov.au/stopcyberbullying) for more information about the campaigns and to access advice and support. You can also follow @Stopcyberbullyingqld on Instagram.