Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Collecting evidence of cyberbullying

This page is for cyberbullying of
under 18s.

If you are an adult experiencing cyberbullying, please go to our adult cyber abuse section.

We can help you have serious cyberbullying material removed from social media sites. But we need you to provide us with some information before we can act.

We know it can be overwhelming and sometimes intrusive for you, but we need to see actual examples of the cyberbullying material you are reporting to us.

You can send us through URLs or web addresses, screenshots, scanned printouts of any messages or photos and videos (up to 80MB).

If you are not sure how to collect this information, there are some handy videos below that will step you through the process for collection.

Remember, that we are here to help you where we can.

For more information on making a complaint please visit our FAQ page


‘How to’ videos

Screenshots are a quick and effective way of preserving evidence. They may also have the added advantage of recording other details such as usernames and dates, but it is important to also take detailed records to accompany screenshots.

Taking a screenshot on an Apple device

Taking a screenshot on a Mac

Taking a screenshot on a PC

Taking a screenshot on an android

What if the cyberbullying involves intimate images of people who are under 18?

Be aware that possessing, creating or sharing sexualised images of people under 18 may be unlawful. For more information about relevant laws in Australia, visit Youth Law Australia.

If you encounter child sexual abuse material online, please report it to eSafety via our online reporting form. Reports can be made anonymously.

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