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The actions we can take

The Cyber Report team investigates illegal and harmful content. We give priority to combating online child sexual abuse material.

The actions we can take vary depending on the seriousness of the content and where the content is located.

We have a 100% compliance rate from the Australian Internet industry regarding requests for prohibited material hosted in Australia to be taken down.

Child sexual abuse and illegal material

We take direct action to remove online child sexual abuse and other illegal material that is hosted in Australia and overseas.

We notify illegal content hosted in Australia to the relevant Australian police force and, once certain that a police investigation will not be compromised, direct the hosting provider to remove the content.

The eSafety Commissioner is the Australian member of INHOPE (the International Association of Internet Hotlines — a network of 48 hotlines around the world that works as a global mechanism to rapidly remove child sexual abuse material from the internet.

If child sexual abuse material is located in an INHOPE member country, we refer the content directly to that hotline. This ensures that child sexual abuse material located outside of Australia is swiftly brought to the attention of overseas law enforcement. In over 90% of cases, content referred through INHOPE is removed in less than three working days.

In the small number of cases where child sexual abuse material is hosted in a non-INHOPE member country, we will inform the Australian Federal Police.

We have been members of this important association since 2000 and adhere to their Code of Practice.

Other prohibited content

If prohibited content is hosted in Australia, we direct the hosting provider to remove or restrict access to the content by serving a takedown notice.

All overseas-hosted prohibited and potential prohibited content investigated is referred to accredited providers of optional end user Family Friendly Filters, in accordance with relevant industry codes of practice. Accredited filters provide an important additional level of protection to Australian citizens and families wishing to safeguard themselves from offensive and illegal online content.