Training for frontline support services

Safe access to technology is crucial for all women—it helps them stay connected to family and friends, engage with the world and find information and support.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner and WESNET deliver a free two hour workshop to frontline, specialist and support staff in the domestic violence sector. The workshops raise awareness of technology-facilitated abuse and provide staff with up-to-date skills and knowledge to support women and families.

Frontline service providers will increase their knowledge of technology-facilitated abuse while our experienced facilitator shares stories, current information and advice on topics such as:

  • online harassment, stalking and intimidation
  • the use of tracking devices
  • privacy and security settings
  • an introduction to eSafetyWomen resources
  • how to use technology safely
Presenter and attendees at training workshop

Register for a workshop

Workshops are delivered Australia-wide. You can either register for a scheduled workshop in your area; or your organisation can host a workshop if you have 10 or more participants.

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