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Social media self-defence

Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from using online spaces.

This means women should be able to safely and confidently use a full range of online services and platforms to:

  • communicate publicly
  • make connections
  • increase the reach of their voice
  • develop their profile
  • strengthen their reputation.

But despite the benefits, online spaces – including social media, gaming platforms and other interactive forums – can be challenging spaces for women to thrive in, because they are more likely than men to be targets of online abuse.

Social media self-defence training

The Women In The Spotlight (WITS) program offers social media self-defence training to help women use social media platforms more safely and effectively. 

Our research finds that, too often, women have avoided social media or stopped using it because of online abuse. Social media self-defence training aims to help women raise their voices instead of being silenced. 

The training teaches women how to use tech tools to manage their social media safely, report online abuse and protect their own wellbeing.

The training is also an opportunity to advance gender equality, so all women are empowered to make choices about how they engage online.

What does the training cover?

Our social media self-defence training covers:

  1. How to recognise online abuse and the impact it has on women’s working lives.
  2. How to set up your social media accounts and profiles with safety in mind.
  3. How to deal with online abuse through reporting and protecting your wellbeing. This includes information on the practical role eSafety has in safeguarding Australians from online harm.

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Last updated: 20/12/2023