So… what exactly is Young & eSafe?

Young & eSafe is practical advice by young people, for young people to help challenge the haters and fakers online.

As the most tech savvy generation ever, it’s important to be armed with the right skills to help you and your friends have the best possible experience online.

We asked young people what skills they needed to make this happen. Some of these included ‘we need to be able to get back up when things go wrong,’ and ‘we need to respect other people’s differences.’

Young & eSafe empowers you with the skills to make a real positive impact in your online world.

So, how do I use Young & eSafe?

Check out our site—we’ve got a five part video series, real life stories of young people’s experiences, and expert advice from some people in the know.

Think about how the stories relate to you—be inspired to come up with your own clever solutions for the challenges you or one of your friends may come across online.

Take it to the next level—find us on Facebook and join the conversation. You can be the difference between a positive or negative online experience.

Young & eSafe is an initiative of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The eSafety Office works to keep Australians safer online by providing resources, programs and services which promote positive online behaviour.

FYI—when things get a little beyond your control online, we’re here to help. If you or a friend are the target of serious cyberbullying, we may be able to help you here.