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The power to feel

Growth / Learn

How would I feel?

Question / Engage

What might they be feeling?

Hear / Voice

What might they be saying?

Communicate / Support

What would I do?

Include / Connect

What would I think?

Integrity / Values

Would I like it to be posted about me?

Listen / Share

What do they need?

Privacy / Courtesy

How can I better under­stand them?


Want to
a story?

‘…on Insta yesterday one of my friends was feeling pretty down after some fam issues and she posted a pic of her crying and her eyes were all red…’

Here is some expert advice

If you think you might have done something to harm someone’s reputation online, apologise and take it down. You can say ‘I’m sorry—how can I make things better?’ ‘I’m sorry about that… what can I do to fix it?’

If someone is upset or hurt, you can help them to open up and talk about it by asking open questions and actively listening without judging them. E.g. ‘Can you tell me what happened?’ ‘What was that like for you?’

If someone is really upset and you’re worried about them, encourage them to speak with a trusted parent or adult, or talk to a professional from Kids Helpline.

There are some great ways you can get involved in youth rights and advocacy, here are just a few: Australian Human Rights Commission, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network, Harmony Day.