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Safety by Design

S b D


Safety by Design (SbD) is an eSafety initiative that encourages organisations to put user safety and rights at the centre of the design, development and release of online products and services.  

SbD emphasises the need to address online harms, alongside user safety and rights, in the product development lifecycle so that safety is systematically embedded into organisations’ culture and operations. 

Work on SbD began in 2018 and is based on extensive research and consultation.


Safety by Design

Phase 2 overview

Safety by Design was developed using a consultative and collaborative process. In 2019, a detailed consultation with over 60 key stakeholders led to formalising an agreed set of SbD Principles. These consultations highlighted a need for resources and guidance so technology companies of all sizes and sectors could implement the principles. In March 2020, eSafety developed the framework for a comprehensive self-assessment tool. This led to a second, more extensive, round of consultations on both the assessment tool and related set of SbD resources. 

The tool and associated resources are now being further developed through a collaborative process with more than 50 organisations, including partners in industry, safety advocates, NGOs, governments and multi-lateral organisations. 

Safety by Design demonstrates a broad commitment to creating safe and positive digital environments. It encourages strong links between government, industry and advocacy organisations and leverages the group’s strengths to help protect and safeguard citizens online — and so help build the digital world that we all want.