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eSafety Early Years program

The eSafety Early Years program provides a comprehensive suite of online safety resources to support children under 5, their families and early childhood educators.

The resources are a great way for families and educators to 'start the chat' about online safety with young children.

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More about the Early Years resources

All the eSafety Early Years resources are based on evidence gathered from focus groups with families and early childhood educators, as well as research including eSafety’s parenting in the digital age and digital parenting reports.

The suite includes:

  • Children under 5 webpages – a special section of our website provides advice and resources for parents and carers of young children, including practical tips.
  • Teaching and learning resources – resources for early childhood educators, to help young children understand the basics of online safety.
  • Professional learning modules – online professional learning for early childhood educators and service Directors and Managers, developed in collaboration with Early Childhood Australia. 



Last updated: 08/02/2021