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Presentations for parent and carer groups

eSafety presentations can help parents and carers, and other youth-focused groups in the community, to better understand online safety issues and their impact on young people.

eSafety’s education and training program provides free face-to-face presentations and workshops for groups working and interacting with young people, including parents and carers outside a school setting.

This presentation explores the latest research into online safety, technology trends and the benefits and risks of social media. It includes case studies and targeted advice on helping young people to have safe, enjoyable online experiences.  

The presentation is one to two hours long including question time, and is delivered by online safety experts from eSafety.

Participants will learn about:

  • online safety issues such as cyberbullying, online pornography, sending nudes and sexting, time online, gaming and unwanted contact
  • eSafety’s removal powers related to serious cyberbullying, child sexual abuse material and image-based abuse
  • practical strategies to safeguard and minimise online risks for those working with and caring for young people
  • where to access online safety parenting resources and advice

A minimum of 30 participants is required.

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Community Presentations

Do you work or interact closely with young people? Learn more about how our Community Presentations can bring you up to speed with the latest online trends and empower you to deal with online safety issues all Australians may face.


Presentations for professionals

Our education and training team also provides online safety presentations for professionals working with young people including: