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Online boundaries and consent

Online boundaries and consent

Learn about online consent and permission, and how to define online boundaries.
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Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5

Swoosh and Glide story time video

Travel into the Australian bush, to the treetop home of eSafety sugar glider twins Swoosh and Glide as they learn with their family about being safe online.
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The Mighty Heroes: Wanda the echidna, River the sugar glider, Dusty the frilled neck lizard and Billie the bilby.
Mighty Heroes

Mighty Heroes compilation

Meet eSafety’s Mighty Heroes, who have learned to use four special powers to protect themselves online.
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Be Deadly Online

Video: Cyberbullying

Learn about bullying online and what to do if you, or someone you know is targeted.
Play it Fair Online

Online safety tips

Find out how Caitlin Bassett (Australian Netball), Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson (Paralympic swimming) and Taliqua Clancy (Olympic Beach Volleyball) play it safe and fair online.

Tagged – when it all gets out of hand

What happens when a group of high-school friends post an online rumour about a rival? This award-winning video is part of a suite of resources that explore the impacts of cyberbullying and sharing intimate images. Subtitled in multiple languages.
#Game On

#GameOn short film

#GameOn is an eSafety video following the online experiences of a group of lower secondary students who find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and teach them the consequences of making poor decisions online.
Cybersmart Challenge

Cybersmart Forever Video

This video looks at the risks involved in sharing digital images. See other videos, about cyberbullying and protecting personal information, in the full suite of Cybersmart Challenge teaching materials.
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What your posts say about you

When Ben goes for an interview, the employer looks at his social media posts, not just his resume. This video shows how an online presence can reveal past behaviours and why it's important to examine our online footprint.
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Good choices and good behaviour

Face to face bullying and cyberbullying are both hurtful. What we post on the internet can be seen by lots of people and this video explains how to make good choices online.
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Protecting each other online

We all have a shared responsibility to protect each other online. This video looks at how to make the internet a safer place and support others online when things go wrong.
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Legal consequences of online behaviour

Online actions and behaviours – like hacking, stalking and cyberbullying – can have serious and long-term consequences. This video explains what to do if you make a mistake and where to go for help.
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Digital Citizens Guide

What kind of digital citizen are you? This video explores what it means to be a good digital citizen and how we can make the internet a better place.
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Digital DNA

This video explores how your digital footprint is created and the benefits of being online. It looks at how information and data is collected and asks where your next digital footprint will take you.
Rewrite Your Story

Connor's story

Connor makes the decision to upload a photo that begins an avalanche of bullying against Kyle, online and off. Connor realises that sometimes a joke is not just a joke ...