Take action

If someone has shared an intimate, nude or sexual image of you without your consent, you can take action now.

Remove images and video

If you have experienced image-based abuse, there are number of actions you can take to have your images removed or deleted. These include reporting the material to a social media service or website to have it removed, making a report to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and if it is safe, contacting the person who posted your image.

Engage help from police

It is especially important that you contact police if you are experiencing IBA as part of an abusive or violent relationship.

If you have experienced image-based abuse, police may be able to help. Your local police can assist by making a report and may be able to press criminal charges. We have a form to help you provide useful background information about your case and advice on how to collect evidence.

Manage abuse sent via text or email

If you have experienced image-based abuse via text message, MMS or email, there are a number of steps you can take to keep yourself safe and minimise unwanted communication.