minimum age according to Episode.
13+ minimum age according to Episode.

*Google Play has rated Episode [M] for mature.

What is Episode?

Episode is an interactive mobile storytelling game where you can create your own ‘show’ using animated content. You can choose from a range of content including romance, heartbreak, mystery and drama-themed content, content based on television shows or films, or content featuring original storylines starring real celebrities. The subscription-based game also uses crowd-sourced content, where you can write and submit your own ‘Episodes’ through the companion app, Episode Studio. Users can communicate in Episode through game interactions, forum chat, voice chat and private messaging.

Website: episodeinteractive.com/
Apps: Android app, Amazon App Store, Apple iOS app 

How do people use Episode?

Learn more about the risks and benefits associated with mobile storytelling games like Episode.

Episode is used for: gaming, in-app purchasing, content sharing and messaging/online chat

How can you report inappropriate content, cyberbullying or harassment?

  • Be kind to each other
    Learn about Episode’s zero tolerance policy for cyberbullying, harassment and negative or violent content.
  • Submit a request
    Submit a request or complaint to the developers of Episode.

How can you protect your personal information and safety?

  • Privacy Policy
    Learn how Episode collects, stores and shares information about you.
  • Respecting Privacy and Safety
    Learn about protecting the privacy and safety of yourself and others while playing Episode.
  • Safety Concerns
    Get help for yourself or another player if you are concerned about suicide, eating disorders or cyberbullying.

Key links

  • Content Guidelines
    Learn about objectionable or offensive content and copyright infringement in Episode.