minimum age according to Halo 
15+ minimum age according to Halo 

What is Halo?

Halo is a science-fiction first shooter video game series that has expanded to include comic books, novels, animated features, soundtrack albums and more.

The five main video games in the series are military combat first-person shooter games, set during interstellar wars between humans and aliens. In most of the games, you play as a cybernetic super-soldier Master Chief.

You go on campaigns, take missions and engage in battles – ultimately killing as many aliens as possible. You have a vast collection of futuristic weapons, vehicles and gadgets at your disposal and are joined by various companions along the way.

Halo games offer a mix of single and multi-player modes. Multiplayer mode uses an online matchmaking system, split screen and Party Chat, so team mates can see each other’s characters while playing. Players can communicate by voice or text chat or choose to mute these functions for all or individual players. Third-party voice chat apps like Discord may also be used.

Halo games are violent and while not gory, do show blood. Players can ‘kill’ each other in multiplayer mode, including their own team mates. 

Halo games regularly feature in eSports tournaments and on social and streaming platforms like Twitch, and YouTube.

Halo games are paid with additional in-app purchases offered and require an X-Box Live account.

Website: www.halowaypoint.com
Platforms: Steam, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox.
Apps: Halo games are *not currently available as mobile apps.

How do people use Halo games?

Learn more about the risks and benefits associated with how people use first-person shooter games like the Halo series.

Halo games are used for: gaming, voice chat, in-app purchasing, messaging/online chat and online relationships.

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    Search the Halo knowledge articles, or lodge a support ticket by logging into your X-Box Live account.

How can you protect your personal information?

  • Privacy Statement
    Learn how Microsoft, owner of Halo, handles your personal information.

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