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I saw something online I didn’t like

Boy on couch with his laptop, observing something online that makes him feel uncomfortable.


Have you seen something online you didn’t like?

There are a lot of really fun and useful things online, but there are also some things that are not so nice.

  • Maybe you clicked on a link and saw something you didn’t like.
  • Perhaps someone sent you an image or video that made you feel yuck.
  • Or you saw something online that made you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or scared.

Switch it off

Close the browser or turn off the screen. This will help you to feel more comfortable.

You don’t have to look at anything that upsets you.



  • It’s not your fault if you see something you don’t like.
  • The important thing is to make sure you are OK.

Tell an adult

Don’t worry about getting in trouble.

It’s more important that you talk to your mum, dad, carer or an adult you trust.


A trusted adult can really help

  1. They can make sure you are OK.

  2. You can talk to them about what you saw and how it made you feel.

  3. They can help you to report it — either to the game, app or website, or to a teacher who can deal with it.

    See The eSafety Guide for reporting links.

  4. They can also help you to set up your device safety so you don’t see something like this again.

    See security and privacy for my device.

Last updated: 11/10/2023