The Online Safety Youth Advisory Council

eSafety has appointed 24 young people from across Australia to our first Online Safety Youth Advisory Council, and we are excited to introduce them in the coming weeks.

In February 2022, applications opened for eSafety’s Online Safety Youth Advisory Council – an opportunity for young people to provide a voice to Government about their online experiences and how these can be safe and positive. 

The 24 members forming the first Council are aged from 13-24 and are from a diverse range of experiences, genders, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and locations. 
Members will provide advice to the Government about their experiences online, and help inform eSafety’s policies and programs. Workshops with members will begin soon, and we are excited to share the contributions of the young people who make up our Council.

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What can we expect from the Online Safety Youth Advisory Council?

Members of the Council will have the opportunity to meet with other young people from across Australia who are also interested in sharing their experiences online and finding solutions to the online safety issues that are affecting young people.  
Members will also develop leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills during their time in the Council.

Staff from eSafety will be with them throughout the journey to provide support and guidance.

Why is your voice important to us? 

There are many ways that young people can lead and influence change, but we appreciate the strength in difference and diversity.

Your voice is very important because it can help us get an authentic perspective of the issues that you and other young people face online.

As part of the Council, your input will help shape effective online safety programs for young people. The Council will report to Government on action that can be taken by all players, including eSafety and industry.

Frequently asked questions

About you

What is required for the role?

You will have the following:

  • A willingness to contribute and participate actively to the activities and discussions of the Online Safety Youth Advisory Council.
  • A commitment to attend four meetings during the year  three online and one in-person meetings (health advice permitting).
  • Access to a computer and reliable internet for online meetings. If you are in a rural or remote area without reliable Internet, provision can be made by meeting via phone.   
  • Parent/carer consent to apply for the Council if you are under the age of 18.
  • A Working with Children Check is needed (relevant to your state/territory) for young people 18 and over.
  • A letter of endorsement from a teacher, employer or community leader who can comment on why you would be suited to the Youth Advisory Council. The person endorsing your application should be aged 18 years or over.

You do not need any experience of working in a Youth Advisory Council! 

Will I need a Working with Children Check?

If your application is successful and you are over the age of 18, you will be asked to provide us with your Working with Children Check details.


You are required to provide us with this information as you will be working with young people under the age of 18. Please check your state or territory guidelines to find out the requirements of their Working with Children Check.


eSafety can assist applicants with general enquiries they may have about the process of obtaining a Working with Children Check, and can re-direct applicants to the most appropriate channel, if needed.

Does it cost anything to be part of the group?

There is no cost to you to be part of the Council. You will be reimbursed for the costs of attending face-to-face meetings. Reimbursement of travel expenses will be in accordance with whole-of-government travel arrangements established by the Department of Finance including travel allowance rates prescribed by eSafety.

About the meetings

What will we do as part of the Online Safety Youth Advisory Group?

The Online Safety Youth Advisory Council will have the opportunity to work in a team to discuss the online experiences of young people in Australia and provide a direct voice to Government on the challenges and solutions to online safety issues that impact young people.

The Council will:

  • have a mix of discussions and activities – during the meetings, you will be able to share your opinions and experiences and work together to explore how young people can be supported to have more positive experiences online
  • have opportunities to communicate in different forums and small groups during the year
  • Be supported and guided by facilitators and staff from eSafety.

What topics can I discuss as part of the Council?

You can expect to discuss a wide range of topics related to young people and online safety. These may include (but are not limited to): 

  • what contributes to a safe online experience
  • encouraging support-seeking 
  • mental health 
  • bullying and harassment
  • speaking up to support others
  • privacy
  • the impact of algorithms and unwanted contact from strangers. 

You will also contribute to the development of resources and programs for young people.

You will also have access to support services during the Council as part of your membership of the Council.

When will the meetings usually take place?

Meetings will not be scheduled until the Council has been formed. If you are successful in joining the Council, we will communicate with you about the dates and times of meetings. 

How will the meetings be held?

The Council meetings will be predominantly conducted online, with a one face-to-face meeting during the year (pending health advice).

What happens after submitting your application

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed based on the responses you have given to our questions provided. We want to hear a diverse range of voices and perspectives from young people, so we encourage you to share your own unique perspective on online safety. You were provided the option to submit your responses via text or a creative method. You will not be disadvantaged by choosing one method over the other.


Each of the four questions on the application are of equal importance and will be assessed equally. We will look to your responses to these questions to understand why you would be a valuable addition to the Council. 


The purpose of the endorsement by a referee is to hear from a person who knows you well about why they agree that you would be suitable to join the Youth Advisory Council.

When will I hear back about my application?

eSafety will inform you of the progress of your application within a month. Depending on the response to the application process, eSafety may request additional information from shortlisted applicants. We will advise you if more information is required.

What should I do if I want to withdraw your application?

To withdraw your application, you will need to email us at indicating that you would no longer like to apply for the Online Safety Youth Advisory Council and would like to withdraw your application. 

Legal and Privacy Notices

You can learn about your rights in relation to personal information collected by eSafety by reading our Privacy Policy. Our Personal Information Collection Notice explains what information we collect, and what we do with it.

eSafety abides by the Commonwealth Child Safety Framework (CCSF). To see how eSafety creates child safe cultures and practices, please see our Child Safety Policy.