Inappropriate, offensive or illegal content

Protecting your kids from inappropriate, offensive or illegal content

We know that it can be difficult to monitor what your kids are viewing, as the devices they use provide online access at any time of the day. Your kids may not deliberately seek out inappropriate content, rather they may accidentally access it while undertaking online searches or opening content referred from others. They may also be able to use their personal devices to discover content blocked by home and school filters.

So what type of content might be considered as inappropriate, offensive or illegal? It’s any type of content that could be damaging to young people, including:

  • real or simulated violence
  • sexually explicit content
  • illegal images of child sexual abuse
  • content promoting hate based on race, religion or sexual preference
  • content instructing or promoting crime or violence
  • content promoting violent extremism
  • content that advocates unsafe behaviour like extreme dieting or drug taking.
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