Many young people spend a lot of time online for entertainment, learning and connecting. But there are risks, including exposure to pornography. Graphic, violent or even misleading messages about gender stereotypes and sexual practices can introduce young people to concepts about sex and intimate relationships they’re not ready to understand or able to manage.

Parents can play an active role in helping young people handle these risks and explore safely online by talking to them early and often.

Age-appropriate conversations about sexualised content can help young people process what they come across online and help to reinforce the importance of family values and respectful relationships.

We have worked with leading parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson to provide practical support and resources to parents on this sensitive issue. Our thanks also to Dr Joanne Orlando and Susan McLean for their help.

What to do

Talking to children about online pornography

Conversation aids

Having conversations with your child about sensitive matters like respectful relationships and online pornography is important.

If you are unsure about where to start, try using these videos to get the conversation going. You might want to sit down and watch these together, so you can talk through some of the concepts and ideas in the clips. Depending on your child, their age and level of maturity, you may want to review the clips first.

How can parents manage access

Articles by Dr Justin Coulson

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Looking for more help?

Try these websites to help guide conversations with your children about online pornography.

Professional guidance

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