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The Lost Summer is a role-playing video game.

Experience the futuristic community of South Coast City. Complete quests and face challenges like conflicts on social media, cyber attacks and fake news.

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About the game

The Lost Summer is set in South Coast City, a fictional Australian city in the future.

South Coast City is home to people from all over Australia who moved there after ‘the event’ — something mysterious that happened in the recent past. Nobody wants to talk about ‘the event’. They just say it was the result of human selfishness going too far. Now everyone just has to live with it.

The people of South Coast City do not always get along. However, they all love drone racing. The annual Drone Racing Championships are the highlight of the year& and they bring out the best and the worst in everyone.

When you play the game, you will go on Quests and explore South Coast City from the perspective of five different characters across five Chapters.

You will need to use various skills and support fellow characters to overcome challenges and progress through the game.

What is digital intelligence? 

The Lost Summer can help build ‘digital intelligence’.  

Digital intelligence is about being able to adapt your feelings and behaviour in response to challenges you might face online. 

For young people, this means developing your social and emotional skills as well as your knowledge and experience of digital technology.  

Each of the five Chapters of the game focuses on a key area of digital intelligence: 

RESPECT — act respectfully towards others, acknowledging and appreciating that others may have different points of view, cultures and backgrounds. 

CRITICAL THINKING — think critically about what you see online and ask questions to identify and analyse information that may seek to exploit or misinform. 

RESILIENCE — be resilient and respond with strength and maturity when risks are encountered online. 

RESPONSIBILITY — be responsible about what you say and do, by engaging positively with others and being accountable for your behaviour. 

EMPATHY — be empathetic to others and use emotional intelligence to respect opinions, embrace diversity of opinion and freedom of speech. 

Resources for teachers

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