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Keep this hyperlinked list handy so you can quickly click through to key online safety classroom resources or respond to incidents when you are using a smart board or other interactive device.

Target audience


Lower primary, Lower secondary, Middle primary, Middle secondary, Upper primary, Upper secondary


Accessing support, Critical thinking, Cyberbullying, Digital reputation, Gaming, Online friends, Online security, Privacy and personal information, Respectful online relationships, Sexting and sending nudes

Type of resource

Hyperlinked resource list


Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

ICT Capability, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability

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Are you looking for resources to stimulate a whole-class online safety chat or enhance your online safety lessons?

Download and bookmark the Quick Links list so you can easily connect to eSafety's resources from smart boards and other interactive devices. Suggestions for all learning stages are included, as well as links to help you respond quickly to online safety incidents.