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Minimum age according to Emerald Chat
18+ Minimum age according to Emerald Chat

What is Emerald Chat?

WARNING: Users may encounter sexualised content and inappropriate behaviour anywhere on the site. Emerald Chat does not verify the age of users.

Emerald Chat is a free online chat service that pairs two random users together in a text and/or video chat. It also has a chat room function that connects you with a group of random users. By providing your interests, you may be matched with a stranger who has similar interests.

There is a ‘karma’ system that allows you to award positive or negative karma points to other users. This score is visible on a user’s profile and a negative rating may lead to a temporary ‘karma ban’ from the platform. Emerald Chat displays a history of all the users you have chatted with during a session. To interact with these users again, you will need to request them as a friend. This requires registering your account with an email and password.

There is an optional ‘Emerald gold’ monthly subscription available, which features priority matching and allows filtering by gender and karma points.

Website: www.emeraldchat.com

How do people use Emerald Chat?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use anonymous messaging and video chat services like Emerald Chat.

Emerald Chat is used for: anonymous communication, messaging/online chat, online relationships and video calling.

How can you report abuse or violations?

  • Reporting violations and abuse
    There is currently no way to report a user on Emerald Chat other than giving a negative karma point.*
  • Muting a user
    Muting a user from their profile will stop them from contacting you.

How can you protect your personal information and security?

Emerald Chat does not currently provide advice about how to protect your personal information.*

Key safety links

  • Rules
    A rules section is available within Emerald Chat.
  • Help
    A help section is available within Emerald Chat.
  • Terms of service
    Outline the rules you agree to by accessing Emerald Chat.

* At the time of writing.