minimum age according to Skype
13+ minimum age according to Skype

What is Skype?

Skype is an audio and video calling app that allows you to video chat, instant message and make voice calls with other people, anywhere in the world, in real time. Skype can be used to make private or group video and audio calls, stream live video, add live subtitles, translate conversations, record calls, share screens, send text messages and share content like photos, links and files. Skype is owned by Microsoft.

Skype uses standard end-to-end encryption for privacy and can be integrated with other Microsoft applications. In workplaces, it can be used for hosting remote meetings, delivering online presentations, teleconferencing and text message chat over internal networks.

Skype is available on desktop and mobile application, web browser and Xbox One. Basic accounts are free, with subscription options offered for Skype-to-phone calling however this feature does not replace the need for a telephone and cannot be used to make emergency calls.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iPhone, Windows 10 Mobile, iPad, Android tablets, Xbox One.


Apps: Android, Apple iOS 

How do people use Skype?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online audio and video calling and messaging apps like Skype.

Skype is used for: video calling, voice chat, photo/video sharing, messaging/online chat, encrypted, online relationships, content sharing, live streaming and in-app purchasing.

How do I report inappropriate content, security concerns or block a user?

  • Report abuse
    Learn about how to block and report users on Skype for mobile and Skype for desktop/web.
  • Report an issue
    Learn how to report Skype security concerns to Microsoft or what to do if your Skype account is being compromised.

How can you protect your personal information?

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