Minimum age according to Zoom, unless through a School Subscriber using Zoom for Education purposes.
16+ Minimum age according to Zoom, unless through a School Subscriber using Zoom for Education purposes.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a remote conferencing service that allows you to communicate with other people through video and audio calling, chat, online learning and webinars. 

The basic version of Zoom is free, with a number of paid plans also available. The free version supports 40-minute online meetings for up to 100 people, virtual backgrounds, sharing notes on screen and sending images, files, gifs, stickers, emoji and memes.

Zoom’s paid plans offer additional features such as online meetings for up to 1000 participants, virtual waiting rooms, cloud storage (for additional fees), custom URLs, reporting and dashboard tools, user passwords and meeting locks.

Zoom uses SSL encryption however, this is not equivalent to end-to-end encryption and is not considered secure. 

Zoom can be used with other apps such as: 
Skype, Facebook Live, Youtube, Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome, and accessed through a web browser mobile device, telephone or room system.

Website: zoom.us

Apps: Android, Apple iOS

How do people use Zoom?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use remote conferencing services like Zoom.

Zoom is used for:  video callingvoice chatphoto/video sharingmessaging/online chat, online relationshipscontent sharing,
in-app purchasing and live streaming

How can you report abuse or violations, or block a user?

How can you protect your personal information and security?

  • Privacy policy
    Learn about how Zoom uses your data and personal information.
  • Security information
    Read Zoom’s security information, including how to protect meetings, data and privacy.
  • Protect from meeting crashers
    Get advice on making your Zoom meetings and calls as secure as possible, including how to protect against ‘Zoombombing’.
  • Meeting security
    Learn how hosts and admins can secure their calls and meetings.
  • Meeting best practice
    Information to keep your meetings as secure as possible.

Key safety links

  • Terms of service
    Outlines the rules you agree to by using Zoom.
  • Help Centre
    Browse the Zoom Help Centre for assistance with specific issues.