Remove images, posts or other content

There are two main ways to remove abusive content.

Most websites, social media services, apps and games offer ways to report abusive content and request that it is removed. You can also report it to us.

Report to social media service or platform it was posted on

Generally, the quickest way to get abusive content taken down is to report it to the service or platform it was posted on.

Services or platforms with clear rules, terms of use and reporting processes will also have safety agents or moderators, who can access reports and take action.

Many popular social media services, games, apps, websites and search engines are included in the eSafety Guide, which includes general online safety information and direct reporting links.

After you report abusive content, the service may remove the content straight away. They may also block the person who posted the image or delete their account.

Report it to eSafety

We provide a number of reporting options, which can help you get abusive content removed or provide you with general advice and guidance. Our three main reporting areas include:

Collect evidence

In order to report abusive content to the service or platform it is posted on, you may need to collect evidence. This is also a good idea in case the abuse gets worse, and you need to report it to police or eSafety.

Putting together some information about the context of the online abuse you are experiencing can help — for example, how long it has been going on, how it has made you feel and any actions taken.