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Help and support for anyone experiencing image-based abuse.

    Every person’s experience of image-based abuse will be different. Depending on your exact situation, you might be feeling annoyed, angry, humiliated, embarrassed, overwhelmed, depressed or downright devastated.

    Research shows you are not alone. Most Australians who have been through image-based abuse experience high levels of distress.

    People who have experienced image-based report that it has affected their self-esteem, mental health and physical wellbeing. It can affect relationships with friends, family and intimate partners. Victims of image-based abuse also describe negative effects on their school work, study and performance at work.

    Stay safe

    If you are feeling unsafe now, call the police on Triple Zero (000).

    If you are experiencing image-based abuse as part of an abusive relationship, contact 1800RESPECT for help with safety planning. Learn more and connect with support.

    The most important thing to remember is it is not your fault and you are not alone. Even if you gave prior consent for someone to have or take an intimate image of you, this does not mean that you are in any way responsible for the abuse you have experienced. The blame should fall squarely on the person or people responsible for the image-based abuse. 

    If you have been affected by image-based abuse or are supporting someone who is experiencing image-based abuse, it is a good idea to get in touch with a counselling and support service.

    For family and friends

    Friends and family are often the first people that targets of image-based abuse turn to. We have resources and tips on how you can help your friend or family member.