Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Report to social media service or website

Most mainstream websites and social media services have policies that ban nude or sexual images that have been shared without consent.

Many of these sites offer ways to report nude or sexual images and request their removal.

Preserving evidence

It is a good idea to collect evidence of the image-based abuse before you take any steps to have the images or video removed. Screenshots are a common way to collect evidence. 

You will need to collect evidence if you wish to make a report to the police or take legal action. 

Many sites will send you a reply once you report, sometimes with a case number. Keep this as evidence too.

Stay safe

If you are feeling unsafe now, call the police on Triple Zero (000).

If you are experiencing image-based abuse as part of an abusive relationship, contact 1800RESPECT for help with safety planning. 

Learn more and connect with support.

Report to popular sites or services with removal policies

Remember, you can always report to eSafety and we can help you to get the images or video removed. 

If you prefer to report to the site where the images are located yourself, the eSafety Guide has online safety information and direct reporting links. You can also find information on how to have your intimate image removed from search results in Google and Bing.

After you report to the site, the site may remove the content straight away. They may also take steps against the account holder, such as suspending their account or even deleting it.

Sometimes a service may ask you for proof that you are the person in the picture, for example, by sending them a scanned copy of your ID. If you are uncomfortable with providing ID to the service, consider reporting to us instead so that we can get the image or video removed on your behalf.


What do I do if my image is not removed?

Report to eSafety and we will do our best to get the image removed.



What if the site or service your image is posted on

does not have a removal policy?

New websites and social media services appear daily and some do not have policies that ban image-based abuse. 

Remember, you can always report to eSafety and we can help you to get the images or video removed. 

Check to see if the site or service that your image is posted on is included in the eSafety Guide, which includes reporting links and links to safety centres. If the site or service is not listed and you prefer to report to the site yourself, then follow these steps.

If your image is on a site that does not seem to have a way to report image-based abuse, check their policies and terms of use thoroughly. These are usually located in the footer of websites.

Check for any rules that address nudity, harassment, non-consensual sharing of images or image-based abuse, and find out if they have a process to report that content. If there are no policies, it is not advisable to contact the site or service. You can make an image-based report to eSafety.

If you decide to contact the site yourself, we recommend you create an email address specifically for this purpose that does not give your identity away ( Also, under no circumstances give the site any personal information and if the site asks you for ID, do not provide it and report to eSafety instead.

What if my image is not removed?

If you have tried reporting the content without success, or you are not confident approaching the site yourself, you can make an image-based abuse report to eSafety and our team will work with you to find the best way to help.



Beware of revenge porn sites

Unfortunately, some ‘revenge porn’ sites are set up to embarrass and abuse people. If you read through comments on these sites, you will often see a large amount of abuse left unchecked. This is a sign that the sites are not properly moderated or are designed to encourage abuse.

Some of these sites charge money to remove images — this is known as sextortion — while others seek to further humiliate the people in the images by posting their personal details, email addresses and removal requests. If an intimate image or video of you is posted on a revenge porn site, make an image-based abuse report to eSafety, and our expert team will try to get the abusive content removed.




If the image-based abuse is part of domestic and family violence or other abuse, staying safe is your number one priority.


Staying safe

If you are feeling unsafe now, call the police on Triple Zero (000). 

Your safety is important to us. If you are experiencing domestic or family violence, before taking steps to get the images removed, make sure you have a safety plan in place. Especially if the person responsible is also abusive offline. 

If you do not already have a safety plan, contact 1800RESPECT for help with safety planning.

Safety planning is important to protect you in case the person responsible gets more abusive once the image or video is removed or the account is deleted. 

You will find more options for support and counselling services in the support section of this website.

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