Securing an Apple account


If a User has Apple devices, such as an iPad or iPhone, it is important that they secure their Apple account, which is called the ‘Apple ID’.

When a user first buys an iPhone or iPad they create their Apple ID. The Apple ID protects all Apple services for that User, including iTunes, iMessage and FaceTime.

The same Apple ID is used across all devices the person owns.

If someone else has access to the Apple ID, they can also control, or view those Apple services. This can be a problem for people at risk of abuse or stalking.

To protect an Apple ID a user should use a Strong password.

A User should also check which emails are associated with their account. 
To do this, log into the Apple account using the Apple ID and password.
Once logged in, look at the emails associated with the account. Delete any emails that aren’t safe.

Users should also check what information on their iPhone or iPad is accessible from the cloud.

To review and change these settings, 
go to Settings,
Accounts & Passwords,
From here, choose which data is backed up to the iCloud account.
This saves a copy in the iCloud account.
Anyone at risk of abuse or stalking should minimise which data is backed up in their iCloud account.
Apple updates its software every few months. 

Users should keep their software updated, as the new updates have good security features.

To check whether the latest Software update has been installed:
Select Settings.
Select General.
Select Software Update.

Ii is useful to check Privacy Settings following a Software update.