Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to make a cyberbullying complaint

If you are under 18 (or are reporting on behalf of someone under 18) you can make a complaint about cyberbullying or seriously threatening, intimidating, harassing or humiliating online behaviour. 

Stay safe

If you are in immediate danger or at risk of harm call the police on Triple Zero (000), staying safe is your number one priority. Learn more and get support.

Follow these steps to make a complaint

  1. Collect evidence and information

    Find out about the evidence and information you need in order to make a complaint. It is also a good idea to collect evidence before you report to social media services. Read more about collecting evidence.

  2. Report to the social media service where the bullying took place

    The eSafety Guide has reporting links for social media services, apps, games and websites. If the abusive material is posted on one of the social media services we work with you should report it to them first and wait 48 hours for a response.

  3. Make a cyberbullying complaint to eSafety

    Once you have collected relevant evidence and information.


Are you an adult experiencing cyber abuse?

If you are aged 18 and over and are being bullied or harassed online, find out how you can take action and get help and support. Find out more.

Get help and support

Kids Helpline

5 to 25 year olds. All issues. Confidential phone counselling available all day, every day. Online chat available 24/7, 365 days a year.


12 to 25 year olds. All issues. Phone counselling available all day, every day. Online chat available 9am to 1am EST daily.

Support services

Privacy and your personal information

Before submitting any information to us, please read our privacy policy and the collection notification for cyberbulling complaints. The collection notification sets out the types of information we may collect, why we collect this information and how it may be used in managing your complaint.

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