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What is The Lost Summer?

The Lost Summer immerses players in a futuristic environment where they need to exercise soft skills such as critical thinking, empathy, resilience, respect and responsibility to complete challenges and advance through the game.

The game is made up of five chapters, with each focusing on a key area of digital intelligence:

  • RESPECT - act respectfully towards others, acknowledging and appreciating that others may have different points of view, cultures and backgrounds.
  • CRITICAL THINKING - think critically about what you see online and ask questions to identify and analyse information that may seek to exploit or misinform.
  • RESILIENCE - be resilient and respond with strength and maturity when risks are encountered online.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - be responsible about what you say and do, by engaging positively with others and being accountable for your behaviour.
  • EMPATHY - be empathetic to others and use emotional intelligence to respect opinions, embrace diversity of opinion and freedom of speech.

The Lost Summer game and accompanying lesson plans will be available from July 2018 on:

Apple App Store  Android App Store  Desktop Download


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