You can’t undo the past, and you can’t change the actions or words of other people, but you can Rewrite Your Story.

Rewrite Your Story is about real life stories, advice and support from your friends, professional help and good vibes only.

Kara's story



They're at every school...the 'it' crowd, the queen bee, the sports star, the popular kids.

Everyone has a label at school, whether right or wrong.

It can be tough to be on the outside, and sometimes it can be tough to be on the inside.

It's ok to walk away and shape your own social space, that doesn't exclude or judge.

You have the power to write your own story.

Jarrod's story



A picture can paint a thousand words, just make sure that the story you're telling isn't a work of fiction.

How do you stand up to a friend and say 'That's not ok'.

It can be easy to stand back, say nothing and let the situation play out. But does that make you part of the problem?

Jarrod knew that the pictures Caleb was sending were not of Mia. He also knew how badly they were impacting her.

You can be the change that helps a friend to Rewrite Their Story.

Cal's story



Bully or bullied, it's a fine line, but does one ever justify the other?

Nobody wins the 'she bullied me so I bullied back' argument and others you love can be caught in the crossfire.

Everyone has the right to stand up for themselves if they're being cyberbullied, but there is a right and wrong way to do that.

How can you protect yourself and your friends without being attacked yourself?

Connor's story



'It was just a joke. I even like Kyle. It doesn't hurt for a kid to be toughened up once in a while. It even happened to me. "

It's easy to pick on that kid, right?

You know the one...he kisses his mum goodbye outside the school...he's begging to be picked on.

Connor thought that the pic he created was hilarious. And after all, he only shared it with a few of his mates. His story is one of the bullied turned bully, and how his actions hurt both Kyle and himself.


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