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The Internet and the Law

About this resource

This presentation is designed to highlight online behaviours and actions that can have possible legal consequences. The teacher notes are an overview of the slide content. Both of which can be found in the classroom resources section.

Target audience


Lower secondary, Middle secondary, Upper secondary


Accessing support, Critical thinking, Cyberbullying, Digital reputation, Privacy and personal information

Type of resource

Slide deck, Lesson plan


40 – 50 minutes

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

ICT Capability, Ethical Understandings, Personal and Social Capability

Using this resource

The slide deck can be presented in its entirety with the introduction and the 3 case studies. Alternatively, you may wish to combine the introduction with one or more of the case studies.

  1. The Internet and the Law - introduction
  2. Case Study #1 Sexting - taking, sending and distributing nude pics
  3. Case Study #2 Making Threats
  4. Case Study #3 Defamation

Topic: Internet and the Law

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Australian Curriculum outcomes

Australian Curriculum links

Digital technologies (Years 9 and 10) Create interactive solutions for sharing ideas and information online, taking into account safety, social contexts and legal responsibilities- ACTDIP043

Civics and Citizenship (Year 8) The types of law in Australia, including criminal law and civil law, and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customary law - ACHCK064

Health and Physical Education (Years 9 and 10) Investigate how empathy and ethical decision making contribute to respectful relationships - ACPPS093