minimum age according to Feednoly
13+ minimum age according to Feednoly

What is Feednoly?

Feednoly is an anonymous mobile messaging app that allows you to send messages to people without revealing your identity. You can also receive messages or ‘feedback’ from your contacts anonymously. 

Feednoly can be used in conjunction with other social media platforms, such as: Twitter and Facebook

Apps: Android app, *Feednoly is not available on Apple iOS.

How do people use Feednoly?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use anonymous messaging apps like Feednoly.

Feednoly is used for: messaging/online chat, content sharing, anonymous communication and photo/video sharing.

How can you report abuse or inappropriate content?

Feednoly does not provide specific information* about online safety.

  • Feednoly Support - support@Feednoly.com
    Get in touch with Feednoly via email for support.  

How can you get information about privacy, data and terms of service?

  • Privacy Policy
    Learn about how Feednoly handles your personal information and the terms you agree to by using the app.

* At time of writing.