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Meet our training team

eSafety’s trainers travel Australia to deliver presentations to many audiences. 

Presentations cover a broad range of online safety topics from raising awareness of eSafety’s role and functions to online trends of Australian youth and strategies to support safe online experiences.

Greg Gebhart

Greg Gebhart is one of Australia’s leading online safety presenters. Greg has provided presentations to more than 800,000 participants at state, national and international events. He has a strong background in leadership and change and has held senior positions including Regional Manager for the Victorian Industry and Education Partnerships program and Chair of his Regional Adult Education Board. 

Greg has been recognised for his achievements and passion for helping others, receiving a global achievement award through the International Society for Technology in Education.

Lesley Harrison

Lesley brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the eSafety team, backed by her many years of experience in the education and health sectors, as well as in the work safety and wellbeing domains. In the last decade Lesley has worked nationally with children, young people and adults including teachers, parents and carers, law enforcement, medical teams and community support networks. Her work has included health research, writing and editing of national publications and acting as a facilitator for women’s support groups. 

Lesley is a key member of the eSafety Women team, delivering workshops to frontline specialists and support workers in the domestic and family violence field across Australia.

Kellie Britnell

Kellie is the Education and Training Manager for eSafety. With over 25 years in education, Kellie is responsible for leading the team who develops, implements and manages national online safety-related training programs and resources for many audiences, including sporting and community groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, corporates, tertiary students and law enforcement. Kellie provides strategic advice on new and emerging technology trends related to the government’s online safety responsibilities and is a highly experienced and expert presenter in the fields of wellbeing, online safety and privacy awareness.

Lynne Sheville

Lynne is a Senior Education Advisor with over twenty-five years in education, including a leadership role in the ACT Education Directorate. Lynne has experience in adult learning, having taught inclusion courses, and designed and delivered courses at the Canberra Institute of Technology.
Lynne develops education programs and resources to support young people, educators and community members to have safer online experiences.

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