Virtual Classrooms

What is a Virtual Classroom?

We are working with education departments and the Independent and Catholic education sectors across Australia to offer a range of free Virtual Classrooms. Using webinar learning, Virtual Classrooms allow an Outreach trainer to reach many schools, even in remote areas.

Presentations are usually about 30–40 minutes in length, allow student participation under teacher guidance and include recommended complementary resources.

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My House My Rules (National Privacy Week) 

Audience: Years 3, 4 and 5

Celebrating the National Privacy week this session is a call to action for students to keep their online self-safe by creating and updating their personal approach to online safety

The presentation will assist students to address the Australian Curriculum ICT capability including:

  • applying digital information security practices, and
  • applying personal security protocols.

(Please note: this content is based on a previous virtual classroom 'Secret Security Business')

Topics for lower and middle secondary student audiences are no longer available.

Current resources, including Rewrite Your Story, are found in our classroom resources section.

Teacher PD topics are now part of the Teacher Essentials PD program.

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