Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Virtual classrooms

Using webinar learning, virtual classrooms allow an eSafety trainer to reach many schools, even in remote areas.

Our virtual classrooms are live video lessons where an on-camera trainer talks through a PowerPoint slide presentation that includes interactive polls. A brief question-and-answer session may be held when time permits.

Students commonly participate in their classroom using a smart board. 

We work with education departments and the Independent and Catholic education sectors across Australia to offer presentations on a range of topics. 

Usually about 40 to 45 minutes in length, the sessions allow student participation under teacher guidance and include recommended complementary resources.

Learn more about how the program works

Learn more about how our interactive Virtual Classroom program empowers students and teachers to have safer online experiences.

Slides from many of our past virtual classroom presentations are also available in our Video and resource library.

Technical note

We work with the host education department to deliver the virtual classroom presentation on their preferred video conferencing platform. We have experience with a variety of platforms including Blackboard Collaborate, GoToWebinar, Saba and Adobe Connect. Connection details will be provided to the teacher upon registration.

To provide the best possible audience experience, we recommend that before participating in a virtual classroom, teachers liaise with their technical team to test the local internet connection and equipment.

We recommend one connection per classroom, with the teacher facilitating at the front. The program is not designed for individual student connections. Using the same connection for more than one classrooms may impact on student engagement and interactivity.

Other education resources

We no longer deliver face-to-face presentations in schools, but if your school would like a face-to-face presentation, new Trusted eSafety Providers will be listed on the eSafety website for schools to access from 2020.

Schools can also access eSafety’s wide range of online safety classroom resources. Past virtual classrooms will be released as downloadable slide decks for use in the classroom from our resource library.

Teacher professional development topics are now part of the professional learning program for teachers.