Be an eSafe kid: Connect. Reflect. Protect.

About this resource

A live Virtual Classroom webinar that explores how students can connect online safely and mindfully to protect themselves and others.

Target audience


Middle primary, Upper primary


Respectful online relationships, Privacy and personal information, Online friends, Cyberbullying, Upstander

Type of resource

Live Virtual Classroom webinar, teacher notes, student worksheet, student follow-up activities


45-minute webinar

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Health and Physical Education, Digital Technologies, English, Media Arts

General capabilities

Literacy, ICT Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understandings

Using this resource

By the end of the activity students will be able to: 

  • identify how to connect online safely
  • reflect on how connections, posts and comments can affect themselves and others 
  • develop ways to protect themselves using settings, help seeking and reporting strategies. 

Student interaction includes: 

  • listening to the presenter 
  • recording answers to the questions on the worksheet (optional) 
  • responding to the teacher facilitated discussions  
  • taking worksheets home and sharing learning with parents and carers.

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Please note: These webinars are designed for teachers to use with their students in the classroom. Individual student registrations will not be accepted, as connections to the online platform are limited. If students are learning from home, teachers should register and share their screen with their students.

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