Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Early Years

eSafety recognises that early years educators work closely with the families of the children in their care. So we have designed the eSafety Early Years program to support that important relationship. Together, we can improve online safety for our youngest Australians!

Resources for early years educators are being rolled out through 2020.

Early learning services can also use the resources developed for families, to help with conversations about online safety.

Family Tech Agreement

A practical tool educators can share with families, to help them start a conversation about online safety with their children.

How to use the booklet and poster

This booklet for families is free to all early learning services in Australia. Educators can use the tips to support children and families in online safety.

A poster is also available, to help raise awareness of the eSafety Early Years program.

Ideas for making the best use of these resources include:

  • Display the poster in the foyer of your service to grab the attention of families and have a booklet there for parents and carers to look through.
  • Include the booklet’s key messages in your service’s newsletter or parent app.
  • Download and print the sections separately for your families, so you can focus on one at a time as a community.
  • Share thoughts and experiences about online safety at a parent gathering.

Downloadable PDF sections:


The booklet and poster are available as a hardcopy and provided free of charge to Australian residents (for non-profit purposes only).

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More skills and advice

Find more information that is relevant for parents, carers and educators of children under 5.

New eSafety Early Years resources for educators will be available soon. Register to stay updated.