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Toolkit for Universities

eSafety has partnered with Universities Australia (UA) to combat online abuse and its impact on students and staff at universities. 

The Toolkit for Universities aims to help university communities be safer online by: 

  • building greater awareness of online safety risks
  • providing guidance on how to prevent, prepare for and respond to online safety incidents
  • supporting student and staff wellbeing. 

The Toolkit contains 14 resources offering targeted advice to three key audiences:

  • Universities (institutional policy makers and non-academic staff)
  • Academics and other teaching staff 
  • Students 


The Toolkit for Universities resources will help to create university communities that are well-informed about online safety risks, proactive about online safety measures and prepared to implement best practice responses to online safety incidents.

The online safety knowledge and skills that are harnessed by staff and students will also be useful in their personal lives and future workplaces, helping more Australians stay safe online. 

eSafety and Universities Australia are continuing to identify opportunities to build the online safety capability of the university sector. Further resources will be will released as they become available.

Last updated: 25/02/2022