Anna’s story

Anna met her boyfriend Adam at work.

At first they were just colleagues but they grew closer working together on a project that involved long hours--a few months later they were dating. They kept things fresh and exciting by exchanging flirty texts and nudes.

They kept their relationship under wraps at work, although everyone at the office suspected they were an item.

Eventually Anna felt the relationship wasn't working and told Adam she wanted to go back to being friends, but that she didn't want things at work to be weird between them.

Adam didn't take it well. He was furious, yelled at her and promised to make her pay. He then emailed Anna's nudes to everyone at work.

When she found out, Anna was devastated.

Anna was worried about what her colleagues and boss would say, and feared that she could even lose her job.

Her colleagues and especially her boss couldn't have been more supportive. Her boss encouraged Anna to report Adam's actions to the police and helped her report him to HR. Anna's workplace took disciplinary action against Adam which resulted in his dismissal.

Anna was surprised and thankful for the amount of support she received from her workplace. She realised that it didn't matter how hurt or upset her ex was--what he did wasn't ok.

*This story combines the experiences and emotions of a number of individuals in this situation. Commissioned photo. Posed by model.

Steven's story

Steven’s story

Steven had been going out with Sean for six months. Things were going well, they had fun together and so one night they took a few intimate pictures.

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